Kelly Thompson

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Select Solo/Curatorial Exhibitions

2016 Consort, Art Share L.A., Curator/Participant, Los Angeles
2015 Lummis Festival, Lummis House,  Site Specific Installation, Los Angeles
2014 Heads Will Roll, Coagula Curatorial, Curator /Participant, Los Angeles
2013 Tunnel Rats, Curator, Community Tunnel Gallery Northeast, Los Agneles
2012 Oh The Humanity, Curator, Pomona Packing Plant, Pomona
2012 Artmageddon, Curator at Flying Pigeon Bike Shop, Event Creators Diana Wyenn & Ezra LeBank, Los Angeles
2012 PST Poster Project, Future Studio Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 Share the Road, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
2010 Essential Tools For The Modern Woman, Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock
2009 Girls, Girls, Girls, Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock
2008 New Work, M.J. Higgins, Los Angeles

Select Community Based Art Work

2015  The National Museum of Animal and Society, Curated by Peter Frank/Delia C. Cabral, Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles. Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles. 
2013 Annual Bike Oven Art Auction Fundraiser, Los Angeles
2012 Annual Fundraiser Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles
2012 Eagle Rock Center For The Art’s Fundraiser, Julie Deamer, Eagle Rock, California
2004-Present NELA Art Walk, Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles
2011 The Bike Oven, Share The Road After Event, Los Angeles
2009-2010 Discovery Studio Tour, Arroyo Arts Collective, Los Angeles
2007-2008 Art Now, Dance Now – Organized a Benefit for Mt. Washington Elementary School and Pasadena’s Armory Center for the Arts!
2006 NELA Fundraiser, More York Gallery, Los Angeles
2006 Art Has No Borders/Doctors Without Borders, Regent Theater, Los Angeles
2005 Route 66 Fundraiser, Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Los Angeles
2005 Celebrating Woman's Month, Heritage Square Museum, Los Angeles
2004-Present Discovery Tour, Arroyo Arts Collective, Los Angeles
2004 Mike Watt Fundraiser, Safari Sam’s, Los Angeles

Select Mixed Projects

2015 Co-Lab Gallery, Los Angeles. Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles. Gender Inequity Poster Project, Micol Hebron, 
2014 Summer Flies, Curated by Walt Hall Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena
2014 Squaring The Circle, Craftswoman House, Hinterculture in collaboration with The LA Art Girls
2014 Of History and Hope, Curtated by Nicole Bruckman
2014 Two Johns and a Whore, Curated by Lisa Derrick, Coagual Curatorial, Los Angeles
2014 Micol Hebrons,The Gallery Tally Poster Project, For Your Art, Los Angeles
2013 Ladyfest Los Angeles, Heart of Art Gallery, Los Angeles
2013 Hounds of Love, Cella Gallery North Hollywood
2013 Never a Dull Moment, Cella Gallery, North Hollywood
2012 Spirit Resurrection, Curated by Stephanie Allespach, LACE, Hollywood
2012 Test Pilots II, Bleicher Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica
2012 I feel like two wolves are Fighting in my Heart, Stephanie Allacpach ProjectLACE, Hollywood
2012 Ladyfest, Stephanie Allacpach Project, Berlin
2012 Debating Through the Arts, Jerri Allyn and Inez Bush, LACE, Hollywood
2012 Doin’ It In Public, The Waitresses, Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin, Otis, Los Angeles
2011 Building Bridges, Marjan Vayghan Project, Tehran
2011 LAXSf, 63 Bluxome Street Gallery, San Francisco
2011 X-tra Contemporary Art Quarterly Magazine, Micol Hebrons 1Image 1Minute Column
 2008-2012 Canceptual, Crewest Gallery, Downtown, Los Angeles
2010 Instant Coco, Cafe De Leche, Curated by Kristi Engel, Los Angeles!
2010 Harmonious Opposites, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Utah
2009 Piece of The Pie - The Waitresses, California State University, Dominguez Hills
2009 Art and Architecture, Create Fixate, Los Angeles!
2009 Collaborations & Compilations, 3 Person Collaboration, MJ Higgans Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles
2009 Cannibal Flower, Downtown, Los Angeles
2008 Overflow, LA Art Girls, The Getty Center
2008 LAAG afbla 2008, LA Art Girls, Los Angeles
2004-2008 MJ Higgins, Gallery Artist, Los Angeles
2007 3 Person Show, Two Roads Gallery, Sophia Louisa Lee, Studio City, Los Angeles
2007 Yum Yum and Winter Light, C.A.V.E. Gallery, Venice
2006-Present Representation, Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA
2005- Present Representation, M.J. Higgins, Los Angeles
2006 Silver Lake Art Crawl, Found Gallery, Los Angeles
2006 Flag Show, Truxtop Gallery, Los Angeles
2005 Monsters Acorn Gallery, Los Angeles

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